Symantec Mobile Security Estándar Informática

Symantec Mobile Security Estándar

  • Allows trustworthy friends to unlock your phone if needed
  • Prevents interruptions from annoying and unwanted calls,texts,and multimedia spam messages
  • Prevents strangers from using your mobile phone in case of loss or theft
  • Blocks fraudulent («phishing») websites that cybercriminals use to steal personal information and money
  • Protects devices on mobile networks and Wi-Fi connections

Protect your mobile device and the information on it with Norton Mobile Security. If your mobile device is lost,stolen,or its SIM card removed,you can remotely disable your mobile device to prevent thieves from using it or accessing your private information. You can even remotely delete all of your personal information so cybercriminals can’t use it to steal your identity or money.Buddy listLets you identify certain trusted contacts (friends or family) who can send an unlock code to your phone.Call and text blockerThis feature lets you block calls and text messages from specific people or phone numbers.SIM card lockInstantly locks your mobile phone if its SIM card is removed so thieves can’t use the phone with a different SIM card. The device can be unlocked only with your user-authenticated passcode.Anti-phishing web protectionOffers protection from fraudulent websites (called «phishing» sites) created by cybercriminals to steal identities and hard-earned money. Automatically identifies and blocks fake websites that mimic legitimate websites to trick you into revealing your user names,passwords,credit card numbers,sensitive personal information,and other important stuff.Download threat protectionAutomatically scans all the apps and app updates that you download to your mobile devices for threats. It checks these downloads against a blacklist of infected files and apps,and conducts a true reputation check.Mobile threat protectionDetects and removes threats without affecting a mobile device’s performance.SD card scanningIt gives you the option to have Norton Mobile Security automatically scan an SD (Secure Digital) memory card for viruses,spyware,and other threats when it is plugged into your mobile device.LiveUpdate with roaming state detectionIt checks for updates every week to help ensure that you have the most up-to-date protection. It performs updates only when you’re not roaming to avoid unnecessary charges.SMS-based «scream» locatorLets you send a text message

Precio: EUR 5,33

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