Gigabyte GAA32MS2H-00-G – Placa Base (A320m-S2h, AMD, Am4, A320, 2ddr4, 32gb, Vga+Dvi, Gblan, 4ata3, 4usb3.1, Matx)

Gigabyte GAA32MS2H-00-G – Placa Base (A320m-S2h, AMD, Am4, A320, 2ddr4, 32gb, Vga+Dvi, Gblan, 4ata3, 4usb3.1, Matx)

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Fast Onboard Storage with NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 110mm M.2 (Up to 32 Gb/s)GIGABYTE M.2 solution offers considerably faster storage performance and support for both PCIe and SATA interfaces for M.2 SSD devices.

High Definition Digital OutputsEnjoy true HD display capability using the most commonly integrated digital output technologies on todays HD displays and TVs.

4K Ultra HD Support4K resolution is the next technological milestone in high-definition content delivery, utilizing approximately 4,000 pixels on the horizontal axis, more than four times today’s standard HD pixel density. GIGABYTE motherboards provide native 4K support with integrated AMD Radeon Graphics via HDMI.

HDMI – The Next Generation Multimedia InterfaceHDMI is a High-Definition Multimedia Interface which provides up to 5Gb/s video transmitting bandwidth and 8-channel high quality audio all through a single cable. Able to transmit superior, uncompressed digital video and audio, HDMI ensures the crispest rendering of digital content up to 1080p without the quality losses associated with analog interfaces and their digital-to-analog conversion. In addition, HDMI is compatible with HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), allowing the playback of Blu-ray/HD DVD and other protected media content.

Smart Fan 5With Smart Fan 5 users can ensure that their gaming PC can maintain its performance while staying cool. Smart Fan 5 allows users to interchange their fan headers to reflect different thermal sensors at different locations on the motherboard. Not only that, with Smart Fan 5 more hybrid fan headers that support both PWM and Voltage mode fans have been introduced to make the motherboard more liquid cooling friendly.

All Hybrid Fan Pin Headers- All Hybrid Fan Headers can automatically detect the type of cooling device whether it be fan or pump with different PWM or Voltage mode.- Supports up to 2 amps with built-in overcurrent protectiona must for high-e

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